Wireless Whiskers (R)
AutoDiet(TM) Feeder
For Cats and Small Dogs
(to 18 in / 45 cm tall)

Wireless Whiskers®
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Wireless Whiskers® is the brainchild of entrepreneur and engineer Steve Whelan, founder of Encaya Corporation. Formerly a senior executive with Cypress Semiconductor, a billion dollar Silicon Valley firm, he has years of experience with both large and start-up companies in high-tech.

One of his cherished cats, Kota, had become extremely overweight. Attempts to cut back her food were futile. With 3 cats, the wily Kota Kitty had no problem stealing the other cat’s food. (As an ex-shelter animal, she was formidable... fine cat!)
Veterinarians suggested putting the thin cat’s food in an elevated place, where the “fat cat” could not reach. But Kota, despite her portliness, climbed like a tiger! Others suggested feeding each cat alone, by shutting them in separate rooms every meal. Please..!

Electronic pet feeders on the market don't work well, though some feeders periodically dispense a measured amount of food. You guessed it, Kota got most of the food, while the other cats went hungry.


After a bit of research, Steve quickly found that this was a surprisingly common problem. Furthermore overweight and obesity in pets has become widespread in America. No wonder, figuring out how much your pets actually eat/should eat, is tricky and time consuming. In the today's busy world, people are often not home to feed their pets during the day, never mind measuring individual meals.
It was high time for some technology, and thanks to the inspiration of Kota Kitty, Wireless Whiskers® was created. This amazing product not only solved Kota’s problem, but also elegantly eliminates most other dietary and behavioral problems. Wireless Whiskers® and Kota Kitty proudly invite you to the new world of the AutoDiet™ Feeder!
The Wily Kota Kitty

Kota Kitty
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