Wireless Whiskers (R)
AutoDiet(TM) Feeder
For Cats and Small Dogs
(to 18 in / 45 cm tall)

How the AutoDiet™ Pet Feeder Works!

Automatic Control of Access and Diet

If a pet reaches its available allowance the AutoDiet™ SMART feeder doors will immediately shut. Similarly if a locked out pet tries to feed, the feeder will shut them out. In a multi-pet household you can set up different AutoDiet™ SMART feeders for different animals depending on their food type.

Pets are prevented from gorging all of their allowance at once by using the Portion Control feature. It divides the daily allowance up to 24 portion which are made available gradually throughout the day. If your pets try to eat too fast the SMART feeder shuts them down.

Pet Feeder Controls both Diet and Access

To operate the AutoDiet™ SMART feeder simply attach a wireless tag to the collar of each pet. When a pet attempts to feed it will be instantly recognized and registered. Once registered, you can program the feeder so that it welcomes your pet by name and allow or exclude pets as you desire. The AutoDiet™ Wizard measures how much each pet eats and then calculates and sets their daily allowance. It is easy to monitor on the display how much each pet has eaten today and yesterday both directly and as a percentage of their daily allowance.


SMART Feeder Manages your Pets' Diet

One of the great things about the AutoDiet™ SMART Feeder is that it manages your pets diets so your don't have to. No more worrying about portion sizes or separating food for different pets, this all happens automatically. If your pets are of normal weight, the AutoDiet™ Feeder takes care of everything... just watch and enjoy!

If you wish to put one or more of your pets on a diet. Simply adjust the AutoDiet™ settings to program an individualized diet. A few keystrokes and you're done. The feeder allows you to decrease (or increase) a pet's daily allowance as a percentage of its normal allowance.

Dieting or not, the system monitors your pets feeding. If a pet is eating too little (a possible sign of illness), the feeder flashes and alerts you.
The AutoDiet™ SMART Feeder does away with the need to measure or dispense in cups, ounces or grams. Instead the AutoDiet™ Wizard measures how much each pet eats over a 1-3 day selectable calibration period and designates this allowance as 100% of their habitual allowance. Then to adjust your pet's weight, simply use the Adjust AutoDiet™ feature to increase or decrease your pet's allowance up or down in 10% intervals until your pet reaches its perfect weight. The feeder does it all for you automatically. Traditional feeders leave you to figure out what 20% less than 2/3 cup really means and then program that amount, if you can! Then try to feed it to a specific pet. Really!

Alternatively with the AutoDiet™ SMART Feeder there is no more guessing how much to feed your pet, scooping cups or weighing food. It's kind of like the difference between and an automatic and stick shift car!

AutoDiet™ Feeder

Pet Feeder

Things don't have to be so cumbersome! Don't take our word, check out the independent reviews from numerous pet experts. Our feeder is frequently recommended by veterinarians because it is the only feeder available that can manage individual diets and control access to different food types in multi-pet households.

The feeder operates from an AC adapter and also D-size batteries. If batteries are installed the feeder will operate even during a power outage. Wireless tags are waterproof, require no maintenance and do not need batteries.
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