Wireless Whiskers (R)
AutoDiet(TM) Feeder
For Cats and Small Dogs
(to 18 in / 45 cm tall)

My Pets Won’t Let Me Sleep

Cat won't let me sleep

There is something about those last hours of sleep that sets them apart from the others. So it is more than a little annoying when your pet thinks it’s time to get up, because he’s hungry. Endless creativity, nudging or purring ensues until you finally succumb. This behavior used to be cute, but now your lack of sleep is catching up with you, and all you want is those final precious moments of rest before you start your busy day. The fanciful notion that your pet is showing just how much he loves you has long since been dispelled and the sad truth is: he’s hungry and you are his chef and server. He’s not taking no for an answer. Most pet owners are familiar with this story and the problem is only multiplied if you have more than one pet. Though you could leave food out overnight, they usually see this as an invitation for a midnight snack, and by the time morning comes, they are hungry again! So what is the solution if your dog or cat won't let you sleep?

Wireless Whiskers® AutoDiet™ Feeder

The innovative feeder from Wireless Whiskers® is the high tech solution to this problem. The feeder is a comprehensive diet control system that manages your pets’ food 24 hrs a day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year – so you don’t have to. The feeder is by far the most sophisticated feeder available and allows you to independently set the allowances of up to 8 pets. It allows you to control how much your pets can eat, when and how fast, all on an individual basis. Once programmed the feeder takes you out of the feeding cycle. Many owners have told us that it has changed their relationship with their pets, as they are no longer seen as the food server! This allows you to get all the sleep you need and saves so much time, because you no longer have to prepare meals, measure portions or guard food bowls so only the intended pet gets their share (or special food type).

Easy Access Control
Sleep Easy
The feeder works by attaching a wireless tag to each pets’ collar. Whenever a pet approaches, it is recognized by name. You decide which pets can use the feeder, how much food they get and how frequently. You can easily set up a separate feeding station for each food type and program the feeders to allow access to the intended pet while locking out all other. Each feeder will handle up to 8 pets . In addition to access control you can also independently control the allowance of each pet and spread the allowance throughout the day to prevent gorging. No other feeder has this level of sophistication to allow you to control and manage all your pets dietary needs. The smart feeder also has a lot of other features that help manage your pet’s diet. For example it can Automatically put Pets on a Diet and even alerts you if a pet is underfeeding (a common early warning sign of illness). It is useful not only for segregating cat and dog food, but also allows you to feed prescription food to special need pets. Your dog or cat won't let you sleep? That's history - sleep easy!
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