Wireless Whiskers (R)
AutoDiet(TM) Feeder
For Cats and Small Dogs
(to 18 in / 45 cm tall)

Control Access to Pet Foods

Vet and Cat

Your veterinarian has prescribed a special or Rx food due to a medical condition. Now you have the tricky task of feeding it to only the special needs pet, but anything new in the house will instantly be the center of attention to your other pets. And if it’s edible, it’s also irresistible. Keeping the special or prescription food from your other pets is important because the food is not formulated for a normal balanced diet. In addition it is usually much more expensive that regular food and should not be wasted.

Ensure pets can access only the correct food type(s)

But that is only part of the problem, you may also need to prevent your special needs pet from eating regular food or at least limit the amount. The same difficulties apply to kitten or puppy food. This high calorie kibble is great for growing youngsters, but for adult pets it is a sure path to portliness!
Even without special need pets there are still many instances where food access needs to be controlled. For example cats and dogs should not share food and maybe you need to keep out wild animals or the neighbors’ pets. Lack of access control is a common problem for which most pet owners do not have a practical solution. Automatic pet food dispenser do an adequate job of dispensing food, but once in the bowl it is available to an pet or animal. Some more elaborate products provide a cage or sanctuary for special feeding, but such solutions are cumbersome and expensive.

Wrong Food

Wireless Whiskers® AutoDiet™ Feeder

The innovative feeder from Wireless Whiskers® is the high tech solution to the problem of access control. The feeder works by attaching a wireless tag to each pets’ collar. Whenever a pet approaches, it is recognized by name. You decide which pets can use the feeder, how much food they get and how frequently. You can easily set up a separate feeding station for each food type and program the feeders to allow access to the intended pet while locking out all others.
Easy Access Control
Each feeder will handle up to 8 pets and hold one food type. If you need to feed multiple food types, then a feeder for each food type is required. In addition to access control you can also independently control the allowance of each pet and spread the allowance throughout the day to prevent gorging. It is even possible to allow a pet to have access to more than one feeder in cases where you want to feed a special needs pet an Rx food, but also regular food. You can program the feeders to split the daily in allowance however you want so that your pet receives exactly the right amount of the right food type. No other feeder has this level of sophistication to allow you to control and manage all your pets dietary needs. The smart feeder also has a lot of other features that help manage your pet’s diet. For example it can Automatically put Pets on a Diet and even alerts you if a pet is underfeeding (a common early warning sign of illness). It is useful not only for segregating cat and dog food, but also allows you to feed prescription food to special need pets.
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