Wireless Whiskers (R)
AutoDiet(TM) Feeder
For Cats and Small Dogs
(to 18 in / 45 cm tall)

Multi Pet Household - How can pets get their fair share?

Agressive Cat
Owner's know feeding time in a multi-cat and/or multi-dog household is a circus! Making sure each pet gets its proper allowance requires time and a lot of patience. Even if you measure out the correct allowance for each pet, how do you ensure they actually eat it? Once the food is in the bowl it is fair game for all!

Multiple Cats and Dogs

If you have multiple cats and dogs it is even more complicated. Separating pets into different rooms at meal time works until you get tired of doing it, cleaning up the mess and tripping over their bowls. When pets do share, frequently a dominant pet gets the lion’s share! You know the story: the fat cat gets fatter and the thin one gets positively skinny! Eventually frustration sets in and owners give up on the seemingly impossible task, allowing their cats and dogs free reign which frequently results in overweight pets.

Wireless Whiskers® AutoDiet™ Feeder

An innovative feeder from Wireless Whiskers® is a high tech solution to the problem of feeding multiple pets that will preserve the sanity of pet owners. The feeder works by attaching a wireless tag to each pets’ collar. Whenever a pet approaches it is recognized by name. You decide which pets can use the feeder, how much food and how frequently. If you would like to lock the dog out of the cat’s food - no problem! Furthermore greedy cats cannot hog all the food because the feeder ensures each pet receives only its intended allowance and there are no left overs to be eaten by arbitrary animals.

Cat and Dog Eating
Feeding special prescription food to specific pets has always been a problem in multi-pet homes but with Wireless Whiskers® it is a snap! Simply set up a separate feeding station for each food type and allow/lockout specific pets as you wish. Each feeder allows you to independent set allowances for up to 8 pets.
Dog Locked Out
The feeder also has the ability to put specific pets on a diet automatically! When first deployed the feeder uniquely registers each pet and the AutoDiet™ Wizard measures how much they eat over a 1-3 day (selectable) period then sets their allowance automatically! To put a pet on a diet you simply dial down its allowance in simple 10% increments using the Adjust AutoDiet™ feature! No weighing food, using cups or calculating calories is required. The feeder even alerts you if a pet is not eating enough, (a common early warning of illness). Once the feeder is programmed just fill up the hopper every few weeks and the feeder does the rest. Take control of your multi-cat and/or multi-dog pet household with ease!

Cat at feeder
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