Wireless Whiskers (R)
AutoDiet(TM) Feeder
For Cats and Small Dogs
(to 18 in / 45 cm tall)


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Just want to express my thanks for the awesome customer support I received with my new wireless whiskers feeder. The support team treated me with respect with each of my questions.


Hello, love your product... Thank you so much; have told so many about your product!!

♦ Sherri L. Herrmann

This feeder was the best purchase for our hyperthyroid cat to stay out of non-prescription food. I am absolutely obsessed with this feeder.

♦ Bobeica Silvia-Cristina

I really can't say enough good things about this feeder:

♦ Ian

  Wonderful invention, I love it so do my cats. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this feeder. it's making my life so much better.

♦ Alisha Wolf

  I have used your product for years and love it.

♦ Lauren Cooper

  I am a computer engineer and don't ever write reviews, but this product literally got me 2 more hours of sleep per night.

♦ cb4

  Your product is amazing and serving my needs extremely well.

♦ Debbie McHorney

  A great buy, especially for mixed-pet households. We'd been looking for something like this for a while!

♦ Kincaid

  Thanks again for taking the time to give me such thoughtful answers.

♦ Kate Hackett

  Perfect for multiple and/or dieting pets. I couldn't be happier with Wireless Whiskers! I bought two

♦ Jackie Callaghan

  Very happy with Wireless Whiskers auto feeder. I have had my Wireless Whiskers auto feeder for over 1 year; got it because mice were getting into kitty's dry food dish at night. No more mice! We love the WW feeder.

♦ Anon

  LOVE IT! This works GREAT for our 3 cats! The AutoDiet Wizard sets their allowances after 3 days and we have total control over how much they eat individually.

♦ Rob

  It's Amazing....Past couple of months i was worried about my cat. My cat became weak not to taking food in time.I was also busy with my works.So i couldn't take care of it.Beside my neighbor has a dog which eat my cats food.Then i found wireless whiskers auto diet pet feeder.It's really amazing.It is easy to operate.After using it my cat become healthy and it keeps the food away from dog.

♦ Rikki

  I purchased my Wireless Whiskers about 2 years ago and have been so happy.... I have a multi-cat home, with only one overweight cat and one cat that needs to supplement his eating, just to maintain his weight. I implemented the autofeeder and it was fantastic. My old, underweight kitty could eat to his heart's content, while my obese kitty was restricted. She gradually went from 17 lbs to 11 lbs over the course of one year and has maintained her healthy weight ever since. I have recommended the feeder to anyone who has a cat or multiple cats with special dietary needs. Just wanted to say; thank you so much for this wonderful product!

♦ Alice

  Perfect for putting one cat on a diet without depriving others that need to eat more. Expensive but cheaper than the vet bills for a cat that eats too much or that doesnt eat enough. Haven't found anything else that allows you to vary the diets of multiple cats eating the same food.

♦ D. Bollman

  I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my feeder.

♦ Janice Szalku

  Solved our skinny/prescription cat versus fat/pushy cat problem! This totally solved our feeding dilemma! We have one cat on prescription food, and one cat who thinks his prescription food is kitty crack, and she was gaining weight at an alarming rate (and when we only put the food down when the other one asked, he was losing weight at an alarming rate.)... Problem solved.

♦ Karen E. Hartley

  I love these feeders and can't be without one

♦ Lori Hayes

  I appreciate how quickly you replied to my questions...I love the concept, and it has solved the feeding problems with the two cats

♦ Gil Peters

  Very Innovative, Automatic, Easy To Use, Love It. This is a very cool innovation. I have 4 cats, and the vet was telling me that they were getting a bit fat. I found this, and tested it out... Overall, the pet feeder works like a charm. It helps you gauge food cycles, and keeps you from over feeding your cats, as well as help them get into a better routine with food... This is highly recommended.

♦ Jorge Alberto Orduna SR.

  Wonderful! Works wonders for my cat, and has stopped my dog from trying to eat the cat food.

♦ Johnathon.

  So Glad I bought This! I have two cats. These cats eat completely differently. One eats very fast, and the other eats at a more moderate speed. This helped me learn how much the cats were eating so I was able to give them a diet that better suits their needs, than just giving them a scoop of food... I am so glad I bought this wireless feeder. I recommend it to anyone with cats.

♦ John Casellion

  FINALLY! This was exactly what I was looking for with my two cats! I have a timid adult who has always been kind of lanky and skinny. He won't eat when he's stressed out either. The kitten is a completely different story; he's an eager eater and will bully the adult out of his food. After a few days of the older one getting used to the door, the playing field is finally fair!

♦ Ellie Evanson

  Fantastic Product For Pet Owners! This is the greatest pet feeder I have ever owned! This product takes so much guesswork out of my dog's diet and I know exactly how much he's eating every day... The programming was very easy to set up and use and I have been recommending this to all my pet loving friends.

♦ raxoxo

  It's About Time!! I can't tell you how long I have been waiting for a product like this! It is definitely different from all of the other auto pet feeders out there. Most of the others just keep dispensing food every time it gets low... this product actually helps keep your cats (or small dogs) on a diet by regulating what they eat... it is 100% worth it!

♦ Jennifer Rusinak

  Thank you so much for your prompt and helpful response... My vet suggested this feeder, so here we are!

♦ Dineh Davis

  This wireless pet feeder has really exceeded my expecations. I was having issues with my cat overeating and seeing some of that extra food come back up later on (always found by my poor bare feet) as well as our dog constantly trying to steal from the cat's bowl. Wireless Whiskers has helped to better regulate how much my cat eats AND helps to keep the dog out. I love it!

♦ Kristyn Marie

  I received this feeder as a gift from my sister and it has been a dream come true. My boy finally lets me sleep!

♦ Michelle Wolters

  I absolutely love this pet feeder. My cat has then tendency to overeat and was just recently diagnosed with Diabetes. Since purchasing the wireless pet feeder my cats' food is measured precisely for the correct portions. The cover that automatically opens when my cat gets near is awesome, it keeps the food fresh and the bugs out. The best part about it is...it welcomes my "Mooky" by name on the screen... I definitely would recommend this feeder to any pet owner.

♦ K. Wms

  We love our wireless whiskers. We bought two because one of our kitties is on prescription food.

♦ Alicia Heinze

  What a life saver! We just added a kitten to our family and have a dachshund who eats everything... This product was perfect to help regulate what she was eating. Since we often put their food down and leave for work it was able to keep our over weight pup out of the kittens food. I would recommend this product to anyone who has multiple pets.

♦ jen pais

  Thank you so much! So far I am very impressed with your customer service!!!!

♦ Isa Sinclair

 I purchased two feeders a few years ago... it's a wonderful device. I've told loads of people about it and everyone who comes to my house comments on it.

♦ Stephanie Kaufman

  A Great Product. Something I have been looking for awhile, mainly for the summer and to keep the flies away and helps when she needs to lose a bit of weight, many I have looked at have failed but with this one and the wireless tag makes it simpler to setup and use. The device is solid and rugged and with a broad enough base to ensure it's not easy to knock over, our cat is enamoured by the tag but she was welcomed by name which was nice and has worked out that its related to food so has got used to it and it gives us a good sign of how much the cats eat and keeps the new pup away from the cats food. I could go into a lot more detail but the product does all I need and that's what I love about it, so why say more. An excellent product and five stars from me. Thank you.

♦ beatrice

  Amazing device for all of the dog and cat owners!!!... All in all I would highly recommend this product to anyone with more than one pet or trying to put their pet on a diet to prevent them from overeating.

♦ Michael

  Thank you so much! So far I am very impressed with your customer service!!!!

♦ Michael

  Multi-pet household problems solved. I have a chubby puppy and an elderly cat, and they have very different diets and appetites. I used to have to keep the cat's food locked away in a different room so that the dog wouldn't get into her food and devour it all in one bite. It was a hassle and dangerous because dogs have very different dietary requirements than cats. I finally decided to buy the Wireless Whiskers feeder and now my problem has been solved :) Kitty can safely get her food and the puppy can't get into it and make herself sick. It's really eased my worries when leaving the house during the day when I work. I have peace of mind that each of my babies gets their proper meal.

♦ Tracy

  Worth the price. As someone who wake up early every morning to beat traffic and arrive to work on time, I do sometimes forget to feed my pets (uh oh..) but luckily this feeder automatically feed my pets, and plus, it feeds them the perfect amount! I like how this lets you feed prescription food to certain pets, but since I don't have that problem, I take advantage of it by using puppy food for one dog, and regular dog food for the other! .. recommend it to all my friends :-)

♦ Allison

  I really love this feeder

♦ Linda Aragona

  My cat loves it! I have a tabby that was 15 lbs so the vet said it's time to go on a diet. My cat LOVES to eat and I work a lot so I would typically just fill his bowl up and let him eat from it throughout the day. Unfortunately, that was causing him to overeat. After buying this product, my problems have been solved. Now, don't have to worry about rationing the food out, my cat missing meals, or his health... He is now down to 11lbs and doing amazingly. This was definitely worth the purchase.

♦ Kay Jordan

  This feeder has made my live SO much better. This feeder has made my live SO much better...A little time needed for my cat to get used to it, like a couple of weeks, and after that I got everything I wanted it for. I have two dogs running around in the house and they no longer eat my cat's food, which is honestly a nice thing less to worry about at home... All in all, great product, delivery and customer service. Thanks!

♦ Frank

  This feeder is remarkable. Straight out of back to the future. You add the wireless tag (comes with two) to the collar and when your little one goes up, it slides it open for that particular dog or cat. Helpful for multiple dogs / cats where one eats everything and the other one is left without anything all day. What a novel product. 5 stars!!

♦ Fan

  Life Saver! We have two cats and one of them is a huge pig and the other one is a bit of a nibbler. It's really a pain because I wish we could leave the food out for the one cat to eat at his leisure, but the other one will just eat until he throws up. I had no idea a device like this existed until my great aunt recommended it to me. It really is an ingenious idea, and has worked perfectly for us. Each cat can eat when he wants, but no eating until he pukes anymore!

♦ David

  Slim Kitties the Easy Way!!!! I have tried everything to get my cat feeding system under control. I hated having to spend time rationing and monitoring the cat food, so that everybody got what they needed throughout the day! With the Wireless Whiskers Automatic Pet Feeder, I am able to program the system and let my cats eat what they NEED when they WANT! It is brilliant. No more over-eating kitties, wish that my fridge functioned like this!!!... I loved mine so much that I got one for my friend who was having the classic trouble with her dog Sparky always eating all of the cat food! She is so thrilled.

♦ Madeleine Roberg

  "Huge help to my Fur Babies! Living in a world with all my kids, the husband and several fur babies- I was looking for something that could cut down on all the chores this mom has to do every day! YEAH! For the Wireless Whiskers Pet Feeder! I have always had a hard time keeping the cats food away from the dog in the house. It is even harder when one of them has to have special food. I read the other reviews and thought I would give it a try. So far I have been very pleased with the fact that the cats can both eat their different food and the dog will no longer have access to it. I know that this seems like such a simple thing but for super busy mom like me. The time saved from having to put out different food, worry about who is eating what and how is HUGE! It is worth the price tag in the long run because it helps the health of all my fur babies!"

♦ Shaeon

  Your product is oh so close to perfect.. I want to sing praises about your revolutionaly product.

♦ Alan Balzer

  Life Saver. I have a chihuahua and recently rescued a baby beagle, becoming the father. :) The beagle has to take some medication throughout the day, but that is hard to keep up with, being at work all day, without it getting to the chihuahua as well. I decided to give this automatic feeder a try, since I saw the cool collar tags that let the system know which pet is near. With this feeder, I no longer have to worry or go home throughout the day to make sure my beagle gets his required medication, because this takes care of it for me. All in all, this was a great buy!

♦ Rodrick

  Humphrey Is Happy. I've had my Wireless Auto Diet Pet Feeder for about a month now and I am highly impressed. Not only with the speedy delivery of my product, but with the awesome results I have experienced. My feeder allows me to set the time and amount of food to be given to Humphrey (my chunky cat) so that I can finally control his diet. And I love the cool 'welcome' feature that greets Humphrey by name...he meows every time! Since my initial purchase, Humphrey has slimmed down to a healthy weight and Roscoe (my terrier) no longer eats both cat and dog food thank to my auto pet feeder. I would definitely recommend this product to any pet owner.

♦ Nneka Gunn

  Finally! This little machine is an absolute joy for our household. I put the tag on my puppy and it closes now when she gets too close. All other times it's open for the cat. I wish I had not debated so long about buying.

♦ Anon

  Great Product !!!!! We bought Wireless Whiskers for our cat because the dog won't stay out of our cats kibble. Works great the doors are transparent but very strong. It opens for the cats but keeps Max the dog from wolfing down everything in sight. The product is a must for anyone with cats and dogs.

♦ Keith Arvids

  Rest assured that we will be letting everyone we know how helpful you have been and if we can assist with customer reviews or feedback please let me know.

♦ Steve Conaghan

  I've been telling my friends with pets, along with our vet and the local pet stores, about your product because I think it's the "cat's meow" for feeding multiple cats or different types of pets. What a great idea and thank you for coming up with it and bringing it to market.

♦ Renee Griffith

  Pretty Much Purrr-fect. I thank whoever invented this feeder for the simple GENIUS of it.... This product is amazing for it's convenience and time-saving... Feeding my cats now takes only about 5 mintues per week (when I have to refill the food recepticle). No more separating the cats during meal time or worring about rationing food between pets... For the time saved in managing pet diets, this product is worth its weight in gold.

♦ L. Johnson

  Your service is excellent, very responsive to my messages, terrifically fast delivery. It says that WW cares.

♦ Dominic Martello

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