Wireless Whiskers (R)
AutoDiet(TM) Feeder
For Cats and Small Dogs
(to 18 in / 45 cm tall)

 Automatic Pet Feeder

The Smartest Automatic Pet Feeder: Dieting, Access Control and so much more!

Now shipping new v2.5 model

Can your Automatic Pet Feeder do this?

AUTOMATIC PET FEEDERS COMPARED: Wireless Whiskers All Other Automatic Feeders
Set SEPARATE allowances for up to 8 pets Yes No
LOCK OUT or Allow Selected Pets Yes No
Put SPECIFIC pet(s) on a weight loss DIET Yes No
SPREAD allowance in up to 24 small portions Yes No
Stop my cat from GORGING and vomiting Yes No
Feed DIFFERENT food types to different pets Yes No
Prevent AGGRESSIVE pets from eating others food Yes No
Keep the DOG out of the CAT food Yes No
SEPARATE Rx food from regular pet food? Yes No
Figure HOW MUCH you should feed each pet Yes No
Keep DIABETIC pets from eating regular food Yes No
Alert you if any pet is UNDER FEEDING Yes No
WELCOMES pets by name on the display Yes No

Customer Reviews

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Most automatic pet feeders are not very smart, they simply dump food into a bowl, even if it is already overflowing. Once food is in the bowl who knows which pet actually eats it? Are you tired of figuring portion sizes and fussing with measuring cups? Does your pet need a weight-loss diet? It's not so easy, especially with multiple pets. How much does each pet eat anyway? What if the dog keeps eating the cat's food? Maybe your pet needs a special diet? Who feeds them while you're away at work? Do your pets wake you up for food? Do your pets have feeding issues such as gorging and vomiting? Standard automatic pet feeders and even the Internet connected ones do little to help with these common problems. Isn't owning pets supposed to be fun?

Finally there's a better way! Wireless Whiskers is the world's smartest feeder! Solves even the most difficult feeding problems. Put your pet(s) on a diet... automatically!™ Sets allowances and manages up to 8 pets; saving time, money and hassle. The new and improved v2.5 model has enhanced performance and even more features: additional AutoDiet Wizard programs, two No Night Feed programs and Detection Interval settings. Amazing patented technology will amaze your friends and family! Why buy a traditional automatic pet feeder, when you could own a SMART pet feeder? Operates from AC or batteries. For pets up to 18 inches tall.


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